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How will the coronavirus affect my wedding?

How will the coronavirus affect my wedding? | CHWV

Your questions answered about your wedding and Covid-19.

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus is having a massive impact on life not just in the UK but across the world. So much has been affected as it continues to spread across the country, and unfortunately, that includes the wedding industry too. If you’re wedding date is booked and coming up soon, we are sure you will have plenty of questions and concerns about your big day and how it is affected, so we wanted to provide some advice to help you out as much as possible.

How will the coronavirus affect my wedding? | CHWV

Will I have to cancel my wedding?

While these are unprecedented times, it’s vital that we keep in mind that they will not last forever. The message we are supporting is to pause, postpone but not cancel. Try to treat this as a temporary setback and some time in the near future, you will get to hold your special day just the way you planned it.

Will I still be able to get married at my chosen venue?

The short answer is that you need to speak to your venue to see exactly what they are doing in this situation, as there is no set rule in place for how to deal with bookings affected by the coronavirus. We know that plenty of venues are trying their hardest to postpone wedding dates to later in the year or the following year and working with each couple to find a solution that suits them. Speak to your venue and see what options are available to you.

What should I do about my suppliers?

It’s important to remember that everyone is worried and affected by the current situation, and that goes for your suppliers and venue too. Many of them will be small businesses or self-employed, with the daunting prospect of loss of work ahead of them. If you can, postpone your wedding with them too and speak to them about their availability while you are thinking of alternative dates. The vast majority will do everything possible to ensure that they can still provide what you need from them for your wedding day, so you just need to get in touch and discuss your options.

Am I covered by my wedding insurance?

We hope that when you were booking your wedding, you took out wedding insurance too, as this is something that could come in very useful given the circumstances. If you have, review your policies to see what you’re covered for. Having it to fall back on might take away some of the stress and allay any financial worries.

What do I say to my guests?

If you're worried about how your guests might react to the postponement of your wedding - don't be. It sounds simple but everyone knows what's going on, and there's no finger-pointing or blame games to go around. Keep in touch with everyone online, and you'll probably find you’re inundated with comforting condolences and assurances from your loved ones that they'll be there whenever the big day does indeed roll around!

I can’t get through to my venue, how do I know what’s happening?

During these unprecedented times, your venue is probably dealing with questions, queries and worries left, right and centre, so it might take a little while for you to be able to get through to them to discuss your wedding. We’re sure that they all appreciate your patience at this time and will be in touch as soon as they can to address your concerns, but a good way to find out some info is to check their social channels. With each passing day, more advice and guidelines are given by the government which then affects actions that the venue will take, so sometimes posting on social media will be the fastest way for them to communicate with couples. You might not find everything you need to know, but it can definitely help.

What about my honeymoon?

Again, this is a constantly changing scenario, but for the majority of people, it is likely that any travel plans will also be disrupted by the coronavirus. A number of countries have closed their borders and the UK’s current restrictions on unnecessary travel means that even honeymoons in this country will be affected. Check your travel insurance policy to see what you are covered for and speak to whoever you booked your holiday with to see what advice and support they can give.

We hope this helps you during this difficult time. Try to remember, above all, communication and trying to keep positive are the most important things at the moment. Soon we will have made our way through these tough times and we’ll be able to carry on life as normal, with weddings to plan and celebrations with friends and family to look forward to.